4 Best Places to Eat in Hartford, CT

hartford ct restaurant

Hartford, Connecticut has become more nationally known as the place with all those insurance companies, but most do not know that low-key, this is one of the best places in the New England area to be a foodie! We spoke to some of our friends active in the Hartford real estate industry to learn where those in the know eat, and where they take prospective business partners and clients when they want to break bread. Why should you trust our opinion? Well, did we lead you astray when we told you about the best garage door repair service in Hartford? Of course not. So, join us as we take you on a food journey of our top 4 favorite places to eat in the hometown of Mark Twain!

  1. ON20

    Hartford may not come up on a list of America’s most beautiful cities, but we dare anyone to have a sunset supper at ON20 and not marvel at that amazing view of the Connecticut River. ON20 gets its name from the fact that it is on the 20th floor of a centrally located tower in the city. The cuisine by Jeffrey Lizotte is a fusion (I know you hate that word now) of classic and contemporary, informed by his time cooking in France. Also, the service here is world class. Seriously; almost as great as that view.
    1 State St, Hartford, CT 06103
    (860) 722-5161

  2. Max Downtown

    This is the place to go if you want to impress someone. Also, it is the place to go if you just want a really, really great steak. Probably the most upscale steakhouse in all of Connecticut, Max Downtown can be found perfectly situated in the insurance district. This is the spot for business to be discussed. Who wouldn’t want to talk work while sipping on an amazing cocktail? It’s a steakhouse so of course classic American fare is to be expected but they are inventive with some of the side dishes and entrees. Try the Black Pearl Salmon on your first visit. Trust us, it is to die for!
    185 Asylum St, Hartford, CT 06103
    (860) 522-2530

  3. Agave Grill

    If someone tells you can’t get good Mexican food in Connecticut, well, they are almost right but not quite. There is one truly awesome restaurant serving up some traditional and contemporary cuisine that any Mexican connoisseur would be proud of. Of course you will find the expected recipes like tacos, burritos, and enchiladas, but you will also find that they know how to dig a little deeper in the repertoire and pull out something to surprise and delight the average American diner, like their Pasilla rubbed tuna made with Ahi. And don’t let us forget to mention the tequila!
    100 Allyn St, Hartford, CT 06103
    (860) 882-1557

  4. Black-Eyed Sally’s Southern Kitchen & Bar

    For when you absolutely, positively must have some fun along with a flavorful meal. Without question, Black-Eyed Sally’s is the best place to listen to live blues music in Hartford, CT. We dare you to name any place better in the comment section! The entire concept is to bring a part of Memphis to New England and we would have to say: Mission Accomplished! It isn’t just the fact that many of the great travelling blues musicians play here, the food is every bit as tasty and hearty as you would expect of a jumping juke joint. With spicy crawfish and fried okra, your tongue will be as pleased as your ears.
    350 Asylum St, Hartford, CT 06103
    (860) 278-7427

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